Romeo Miller and his driver were involved in a car accident on Friday morning (Aug. 30) in Los Angeles while en route to the airport. We’re not exactly sure how the accident was caused, but the driver in the other vehicle smashed into the passenger side of Romeo’s vehicle where Romeo was sleeping.

His rep issued an official statement via Instagram:

Romeo & his driver was hit this morning at 5am at speeds up to 60mph on the way to LAX airport. The most damage & impact was on the passenger side, which is where Romeo was seated and sleeping. For him to walk away from this horrible accident is truly a blessing! He’s in the hospital getting some stitching and X-rays but wanted me to relay this message to his fans, “I’ll Instagram as soon as I’m better & I love you guys! -Romeo’s Rep

Prior to the statement, Romeo uploaded a few snaps of the accident & shared a few words:

Still in shock. This car crash has inspired me to go even harder and built my faith to be even stronger. I know I’m truly here for a reason! #thankyouairbags #thankyouseatbelts #thankyouguardianangels #thankyoujesus #thankyouGod #thankstomyfans #thankyoufamily #thankful


Ever wake up and think that its over? My side had the most damaged and was completely crushed. Truly grateful to be alive right now. Thank you GOD.


Take a look at the accident photos! After the Jhene Aiko fiasco, and Sean Kingston’s would-be drunk driving fiasco via TMZ, it seems like everyone has to be 100% on guard at all times when getting into the car.


Romer Miller Car Accident Lovebscott 3

Romer Miller Car Accident Lovebscott

Romer Miller Car Accident Lovebscott 2