Last Thursday I had the opportunity to check out Robin Thicke on his New Jersey stop of the “Blurred Lines” Tour! This was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.  The show was held in the Susquehanna Bank Center (SBC), and I was glad to be back after my time seeing Dave Chappelle perform last summer. This time, I was accompanied by my best friend Janay, who was a concert virgin!!!! I’m glad and highly honored to have been her first!

So let’s get into it. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:45pm. Normally I’m on time for every event, and I thought this time would be no different. Sadly, the classic Camden traffic made us 15 minutes late. I’d also like to take this time to say that the SBC seriously needs to do better with that $25 parking fee. Ridiculous! Anywho…DJ Cassidy was just finishing up his set by the time Janay and I had found our seats, much to my distaste. DJ Cassidy definitely prepped the audience for the new sound & musical style of Robin Thicke with his hit “Calling All Hearts” featuring Robin & Jessie J. As a DJ myself, I took great notice of Cassidy’s set-up. I don’t know too many DJs that have a solid gold mixing table, but I was definitely impressed. DJ Cassidy was giving me performance-DJ realness with his dance moves, hyped cuts & smooth blend transitions combined with a dope light show.

Up next (actually about a half-hour’s intermission later) was K. Michelle’s time to perform! K. Michelle is the sizzling, crimson-haired diva of Love & Hip Hop. Pianist, songwriter, guitarist, and vocal powerhouse, K. Michelle definitely turned heads and broke a few necks as she took her place on stage. She was wearing a cute nude ringmaster jacket with tails, and sheer tights. K. Michelle dazzled the audience with songs from her Rebellious Soul album and her debut album. The entire audience was on their feet for “Can’t Raise a Man”, “V.S.O.P.”, and “My Life”. She also informed the audience that Vh1 is producing her own spin-off reality series coming to us later this year. I’m definitely excited to see her away from the drama and confusion of Love & Hip Hop. I can’t wait to see what her life is like when she focuses strictly on being a musician and artist. When her set was over, she once again broke necks as the audience (and a couple dudes in front of me) strained their necks to marvel at her figure as she walked away. I won’t lie, I was checkin’ too. It’s hard not to, come on!

Another excruciatingly long intermission later, it was time for Mr. Thicke to take the stage. Before he took the stage, however the auditorium played ambiance music of the likes of Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”. I wondered to myself if Robin could hear the music backstage. Why the SBC thought it would be cool to play the exact song he just lost a huge lawsuit over, I’ll never know. I had no idea what to expect, but when the illuminated silhouette of him appeared on the stage, the auditorium of the SBC was deafening. I was surprised to know that people don’t know how long Robin Thicke has been making music. He’s been out since 2002, and audience members around me were confused about some of the older songs he was singing. Personally, I think he was better back when he had long hair.  Robin kicked off his segment with an electrifying version of his song “Magic”! His band, Black Daddy, was on fire the entire night! Everything from the horns to the guitarists were on point. His drum section was the most entertaining part during the band introduction. Shout out to Black Daddy for their segue from “Lost Without You” into Bob Marley’s “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”. The stage was an eye-popping lightshow, and in that moment I was jealous of anyone who wasn’t sober, because I can only imagine how heightened the experience must have been for them. I expected Robin to talk about his tumultuous relationship with Paula Patton as he had done at previous concerts on the tour, but I was not to be satisfied with that request. He did, however, almost move me to tears with his very touching song “Dreamworld”. It really sounded like he was crying out for Paula with that one.

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Robin performed songs from his Evolution of Robin Thicke album, Sex Therapy, and his debut album A Beautiful World (long hair era). When the controversial “Blurred Lines” came on, it’s common knowledge that the entire house was yet again on their feet and rocked out to the last song. Let it be known that Robin Thicke is not a dancer by any means, but his two-step would be welcome at any family reunion cookout. I definitely enjoyed my time at Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines Tour at the SBC! I’m glad my friend Janay enjoyed her time as well at her first concert! I look forward to another show soon.