Rihanna is milking this Dior contract, honey! In her latest venture with the iconic French fashion house, Rihanna went lightyears ahead of current eyewear trends for an all-new look and shape for sunglasses with a new collection inspired by Star-Trek!

If you’ve ever thought that Rih-Rih doesn’t deserve her seat at Dior‘s table, just know that she went through the label’s history of eyewear before deciding that it’s best to just go back to the future. According to MTV, Rihanna also drew the first design for her sunglasses, so this look is all the way original.

Now, fashionistas and nerds alike can combine their two favorite loves for the summer ’16 season, with Dior‘s new eyewear collection, aptly titled, “Rihanna.” Specifically, the shades are inspired by cast-member, La Forge, famously played by Levar Burton (if you couldn’t tell).

The silver, pink, blue, green, and red versions will cost a cool $840, while the 24-karat gold-plated pair is a mere $1,950. They’ll be dropping in June, so just make sure you have her money!