Dior has released the “full-length” campaign video with Rihanna in a new 4-minute commercial featuring Rihanna. We broke the news of Rihanna becoming the historical new face of the high-fashion brand of Dior, making her the first black model to do so.

In the extended clip, we get to see Rihanna slay her way through the palace of Versailles, and run on the lush gardens of the royal property, living out every girl’s dream of twirling in a big pretty dress in a (real) lavish castle. With Rihanna casually strolling around the palace grounds in a number of couture looks, including a silver shimmering dress to a scarlet red number, this video is every designer’s dream.

Director Steven Klein spoke highly of his subject to the Huffington Post saying, “Rihanna’s mystery and intrigue combined with her razor sharp looks and sensibility, are the essential, perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden.”

Watch Rihanna in “Versailles” below.