ross-wonder-whyCheck out Rick Ross in this new controversial song, “I Wonder Why” below in which he highlights various quotes and statements made during the Trayvon Martin trial. The whole song isn’t about Trayvon though; the rapper also thinks about his own life and wonders why his brother is incarcerated and why his ambition continues to push him forward.

However, Rick Ross’s  rap lyrics did cause viral uproar like it did back in March with Rocko’s U.O.E.N.O. In this song, he brings us this new mind-boggling and striking music in which he samples the prosecution’s leading witness in the case’s testimony, Rachel Jeantel.

He goes on to rap, “Now I’m being followed by some creepy ass cracker,” which is in reference to vigilante George Zimmerman following Travyon. “Stand your ground! Stand your ground! You gotta stand your ground!” Ross cries also referring to Zimmerman who stood behind Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law to justify shooting Trayvon.

When Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty” of murdering Trayvon, the hip-hop community (and most of the nation) was shocked. A lot of rappers, singers, poet, and entertainers alike make songs and pieces about this injustice, and this is one of many!

So take a listen and let us know if you are behind this song!