I’m so late finally getting this down, but I had to get it out! I recently had the amazing opportunity to be in New Jersey’s very own RellRock’s “Black Excellence” video shoot. If you’re not familiar with who Rell Rock is, don’t worry, you’ll find out way sooner than later. Despite the tough exterior she displayed in her “Jersey Anthem” video (below), I found Rell to be a very down to earth & warm person. These days, you don’t find too many rising artists who still have both feet on the ground.

I arrived at The Bat Cave Studios (ironic, huh?) more than excited to begin the shoot. I was accompanied by friend, Britani Ashanti, who also makes a cameo in the video, and Asha C. who was featured in Zu Life’s “Addicted” video. For those who don’t know, The Bat Cave is one of Philly’s most highly acclaimed studios. Being Harley Quinn, I have no desire to be in anyone’s Bat Cave, but I at least even ran into the homie Gillie Da Kid! Now, either we’re already unwittingly famous, or The Bat Cave really has Batman’s security system, because as soon as we got to the door, we were buzzed in to an empty room.

The studio itself was not empty, as we could hear someone already in the booth recording some heat! It turned out to be Reese Rel, whom I had never heard of until that moment. Reese had been featured on 106 & Park, and has a dope track with my sweetheart Diggy Simmons (…he IS 18, right???) After some chit-chat with operating engineer, Don Groove, Ms. Rell Rock finally arrived with the rest of the video extras.

I don’t know why I thought a trench coat in the middle of December was a good idea! We were outside for the entire shoot, and it was freezing, but I like to think I toughed it out. We’ll see when the video is finally released during Black History Month of this year. The backdrop of the Philly skyline looked beautiful as we were filming, and I hope there’s a good shot of it in the final edit. “Black Excellence” is an uplifting song for African-Americans that touches on everything from beauty within the African-American community, to the idea that our people are much more than flashy jewelry, and on the black family unit (including single parenthood). The concept for the video screams “Black Power” and is sure to make you feel pride in your heritage from the Diaspora to the Motherland. The video was directed by Jay Wes and will be available to you this February 2014. Check out our photos below, and make sure you check out more of Rell Rock!

Special s/o to Rell Rock, Zu Life, Asha C., Britani Ashanti, StreetMoney, Don Groove, Gillie Da Kid, Reese Rel, Corr Kendricks, & Play. I can’t wait to continue working with all of you this year!