I’m actually a little quite disappointed at this release: the song, the video, the braids….I just…what..? This is not the Redman I grew up with. Hell, this isn’t even the Redman that was on How High. Besides the crappy camera work, the video is just plain boring. Everybody knows about the #JerseySupportJersey movement, but I can’t support this. Not this time. This video or song is not at all for the core Red fans. From a DJ standpoint, this might go okay in the clubs (MIGHT), but I would never naturally have a desire to want to hear this song myself. The first line had me turned off, but I stayed because I’ve BEEN a fan. So being a fan, I’ll say this:

DON’T BE A CLUB RAPPER!!! Muddy Waters 1 was dope-sauce! We all know Red just likes to have fun with his music and he can’t ever stay away from the mic. But, can’t he just go back to having fun like this? Where is Erick Sermon & Meth when you need em!

Red…baby….honey. I know you have better bars & better people behind you than this. Clear those yes-men from your team, and let’s get it poppin’ again.