It’s been a while since Realysm’s last release Written in Red and in this track he explains exactly why. Sometimes life can be challenging and only you can convince yourself to get your head “BAKKINIT”. For this composition Realysm teams up with Chicago native, Producer Ben Ford for a glimpse into how “Real” things can get. The hard hitting baseline, aggressive tone and beautiful pianos are complimented by the angelic background vocals of up and coming songstress, Sheena. “BAKKINIT” is a song that penetrates the eardrums and will truly be felt by its listener. Enjoy. Visit for more @Realysm.

Arranged by legendary multi Grammy award winning Soul Producer Bobby Eli

Oh, and he’s a Gemini, so you already know he’s dope! 😉 Take a listen here.

It’s refreshing to hear a new approach to the instrumentals.  Immediately from the hook, I started to vibe with what he was saying. The pain in the rhythm completely matches with the lyrics, and I’m glad Realysm gave me something out of the box to appreciate. I want to see & hear more composition in production. Personally, this song came in just in time for me.  A lot of people can appreciate the message here about grinding and doing whatever it takes to succeed against all odds. Being a Philly guy, Realysm has known his share of troubles, and I definitely felt the connection he tried to make with his fans in saying “It’s gonna be okay”.