This past Sunday night at around 11:45 I got a text from my boy White Mike that seemed too good to be true: an instagram screenshot with the instructions on how to get a 65% employee discount from the Ralph Lauren website!  JACKPOT!

Ralph Lauren is one of those timeless brands that has not only captivated the world, but has also left an indelible footprint on the Hip-Hop community. From Chef Raekwon’s “same damn Lo sweater” in C.R.E.A.M. to 2Chainz “horse power” in MERCY, Ralph Lauren has become a staple in our culture.

Now, back to the text.

The message also read that the discount code was good until midnight. Being that it was already pretty close to midnight when I got the text, AND the fact that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is, I opted at the last minute to not purchase anything.

Boy do I regret it!

The following morning the Internet was a buzz with the news that not only was the leak of the discount code true, but that Ralph Lauren would go ahead and honor all transactions made before midnight!  Moral of the story:  Dont sleep on Ralph Lauren discount codes!

Check out these tweets from infamous Lo Head Just Blaze.

Just blaze instagram Just blaze insta!!!

– The Curator (Coordination is Key)