Pusha T sat down with Complex for a recent interview where the VA rapper shared his 10 favorite brands, dished more on his upcoming adidas collaboration, and how being around guys like Pharrell and Kanye West has helped him. Pusha‘s new collection for Play Cloths, “Curse Your Luxury,” has been released this week on Tuesday (12/2) and you can check out the pieces in the gallery below. Buyers have the option of t-shirts, snapbacks, long-sleeve shirts, soccer jerseys, and a textured baseball jersey (I think I’ma cop that). Check out Pusha T telling Complex where his style influence comes from, and view the collection below.


How do you think Play Cloths has evolved since it was founded?
More than anything, Play Cloths has taken risks in regards to the pieces of clothing that we’re even creating. We started out as straight T-shirts. It was just T-shirts and a couple cool things. Now, it’s leisure pants, it’s all types of clothing. We’re evolving even with fashion trends on a super high level. We had no idea that Play Cloths was even going to be here six years later. And it is, and I feel like it is because we are keeping our hand on the pulse of at least what’s hot and what’s going on. This isn’t run off of rapper fumes, it’s really not. It’s just the people that like it and support it have kept it around. It’s never based around me.

What’s the design process behind creating each collection?
It happens in Virginia with the head designer, Smurf. Basically it’s gotten to the point where Smurf and some of the guys at Foundation will collaborate on ideas, and then I come and give my check off—if I’m with it, if I’m not with it. It’s a tug of war sometimes, but I be wrong about the tug of war because there’s just pieces that are made and that are sampled that I’m not really with. And I’m like, man, it’s really not in my taste or whatever and they’re like, “It’s gonna be good.” And then it comes out and it’s the best-seller, the best designed, best tee, sold the most units, whatever the case may be, and I’m like, “Fuck.”

You’re friends with guys like Kanye and Pharrell. Have they influenced your style and design at all?
Pharrell has definitely influenced my style in regards to streetwear. Simply because we’re from that era that Nigo and A Bathing Ape started. That’s where it all started at for us. And I think we’ve all changed and we’ve all evolved and there’s just certain things I won’t do that he may do, you know what I’m saying? Just because of who I am, my persona, and just our tastes are different, but similar in the same.

And to Kanye, Kanye‘s introduced me to a lot of high-end things in the past five years. A few who have become my favorites, i.e. Phillip Lim. I wasn’t on it five years ago, it was something that I can say he specifically introduced me to that. And from there, you’re around guys like Don C, and you hear peoples’ names, and for me it always becomes competitive.

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