Young Thug is a new rapper from Atlanta who sings the popular “Stoner” song (listen below). His producer of many years, Dun Deal says the rapper “dumbed himself down” for his debut track. According to HipHopDX:

“He dumbed it down,” Dun Deal says. “Cause usually Thug likes to be intricate with songs. I mean this was still an intricate song, but I think the fact that he likes to go all over the place and I made a beat that was all over the place, so it kind of suits him.” 

Dun Deal has been producing tracks for Young Thug for years, saying the process for this track was no different.

“The process for ‘Stoner,’ honestly it’s really nothing different from everything else,” Deal says. “Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes to make a beat and 15-20 for him to record a song.”

Does anyone here know what “intricate” means???** 15-20 minutes to build a beat and another 15 to record a song is far from intricate. I’ve been in the mall for 3 hours, and came up with better outfits than that song. I don’t believe he “dumbed himself down” if this is the “usual” process like he says. If you do a quick song, you’ll need quick lyrics, and that’s just what the song sounds like. The beat itself is not that “intricate”, but it does sound “all over the place”. It brings to mind the old days of “Laffy Taffy” and “Party Like a Rockstar“, the latter of which was actually kind of dynamic for its time. I’m not asking him to be the next KRS, but even from other songs that I’ve listened to by Young Thug…his lyrics also fall short of intricate. This is an artist that people are obviously influenced by, so he’s doing his job as an entertainer. If you make music for the club, then that’s cool; just call it what it is and stick to it. Stoners don’t really need anything “intricate” to roll up to (as a Stoner, this song does absolutely nothing for me). Even Lady Gaga made her debut song “PokerFace” in 10 minutes when she was on her way to the studio to present it to her label, skyrocketing her to fame, and now she’s the queen of  party music.

By all means, if Young Thug has anything NEW & better up his sleeve in regards to beat selection, lyrics, flow, and cadence, I want to hear it! I’m willing to give him another chance to TRULY be intricate. I can’t act like “Danny Glover” doesn’t get me hype in the whip, but if he has better material, then he should bring it.

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