embodies the hidden desires of our minds with “fantasy soul,” her sensual new genre she’s created that’s currently invading our ears. After releasing her critically-acclaimed project Galactica last year, QUIÑ is promoting her music on tour with JMSN and Alcordo (find full tour route here).

What we’ve come to know and love about QUIÑ is that she knows herself and her capabilities as an artist. There’s this elusive outer space oasis in her mind that she brings us to every time we pressed play on Galactica, and we never want to leave. When QUIÑ brings you into her space, you feel relaxed, yet you feel awakened to new possibilities after the trip with her is over. QUIÑ is fun, her music is sexy and deep, and we can only imagine what a live performance of her would be like!

Click back soon, because we’re going to be checking out QUIÑ this weekend at The Foundry at The Fillmore on Sunday May 28th, and we’ll be bringing back an exclusive interview with QUIÑ!

Watch our favorite video, the recently-released “Math,” which shows you just what kind of vibes QUIÑ brings to the table both musically and visually. While you’re at it, can you guess what classic Disney film she samples in her single “GALACTICAT?” Leave us a comment below or TWEET US if you know the answer!

Purchase Galactica here.