“Why try to be the next somebody else, when I could be the first me?”

Philly Chase began rapping in the streets of Philadelphia, PA at age 12 and was quickly noticed for his versatile cadences and innovative lyricism. Following in the footsteps of Jay-Z, Chase is heralded for his ability to recite hundreds of rhymes without pen or pad and record multiple songs in less than an hour. Aspiring to create a new lane in the hip-hop world, Chase prides himself on his creativity and unwillingness to conform to the current industry standards. This dedication and passion has caught the attention of people across music including Larry Gold, Black Thought of the Roots and multi-platinum writers/producers Dre and Vidal. Living by the motto “Chop, Hustle, And Stack Everything,” Chase has steadily built a buzz in the Philadelphia area and is getting ready to explode nationally after stints opening for artists like Drake, T.I., Lil Jon and State Property. Philly Chase also entered into the radio industry earlier this year with his own online radio show “Philly Chase Radio” which is currently under construction to relaunch.

Additionally, Chase recently performed in Atlanta at a Coast 2 Coast event and won 1st place. You might remember Chase’s last project “Flight City” available here. It’s a very exciting time for Chase, as this continues to be on par, with the great response he has been getting from his recently leaked music. He is currently working on his highly anticipated project “Unpopular”, which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2013.

Now, Philly Chase brings us the video for his newest single, “Mama Said”. Produced by Diamond Style Productions, and featuring Blake Winters, the video was directed by 19 year-old  Joe Staehly, and co-written with Chase himself. The video for “Mama Said” is one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen in a long time! I’ve always said if you want quality music, you have to go underground, and I’m glad I was introduced to this gem here. With “Mama Said”, Chase dedicates his lyrics to mothers who are out there day to day trying to make ends meet for their family. The song takes a very refereshing moment to view these women in a positive light with the utmost respect.

Although the storyline is entirely fictional, Chase says he wanted to leave an impact on the viewers with this video, and he’s excited for the response. Chase also says that during filming, it was hard for anyone in the production team & crew to have a dry eye. “It’s just time to get away from all the egotistical, chauvinistic [music],” says Chase. The part that everyone needs to pay attention to is “Treat women the way you would want men to treat your daughter”. Keeping it all in the family, Nishanta Williams plays a very convincing “Mama” (wonder why that is).  There is also superb acting from rising star, 10 year-old Michael Corey, who plays a younger Chase (nope, no doppelgangers here, that’s just his son!).