After a grueling past two weeks for Philly rapper Meek Mill, the internet still has not found its chill. Countless corporations have made their jokes about Meek and Drake‘s beef, adding fuel to the forest fire of a media circus currently going on with the MMG and OVO camps respectively.


First up, we got Drake‘s initial response to Meek with the low-toned, ominous “Charged Up,” which was touted as an “official unofficial” diss/response record to Meek‘s claims on Twitter of Drizzy using a ghostwriter to pen his raps. The single is a somber, yet deep-cutting warning shot to what seems like a few people in the game, not just Meek Mill. You be the judge.

Then a few days later, without any response from Meek (no thanks to Funk Flex at Hot 97), we got Drizzy in his “100” mode with a new freestyle titled “Back to Back.” Philly fans are saying that the beat used on this track is similar to other beats made by Meek‘s tenured producer Jahlil Beats (Hot N***a, Lean Wit It, etc.). Either way…forget jabs…Drake straight pounds Meek into the dirt with this one.

On Thursday (8/30), Meek Mill responded to Drake‘s diss tracks with “Wanna Know”. The track, which is all over the place & totally incoherent, prominently samples “Graveyard Symphony”, wrestling legend The Undertaker‘s entrance music. As TMZ reports, the WWE aren’t happy about the sample. A spokesperson for the company told TMZ, “WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we’re looking into the matter.” Way to go, Meek.