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Nicki Minaj has partnered with Kanye West‘s creative company DONDA to create the artwork for her new album, The PinkPrint. Nicki says that there will be two covers, this one being reserved for the deluxe edition of the album. Both the deluxe and the standard editions will be available for purchase in stores and online on December 15. Minaj promises to reveal the cover for the standard edition at a later date. What do you think about the design?

DONDA‘s trademark minimalist design is attractive to the eye. However, the design is pretty literal, which makes it boring. I’ve been a little disappointed by Nicki‘s album promotion thus far. When she was releasing non-album singles like “Lookin Ass” and remixing the hottest singles of the season, I was excited because it seemed like the real was back. Then “Pills N Potions” failed to wow me, and the beat for “Anaconda” makes me reach for the Tylenol. Take the “Anaconda” promo for example. Huge buzz over THAT album art, and social media went crazy, but once the song dropped, a lot of people walked away. I’ve even heard some respected names in entertainment call the track “the worst song of 2014” (and “Hot Nigga” happened, so that’s saying a lot). I also might be the only woman on earth who was not impressed by her “Flawless” remix verse. I’ll listen to the album when it drops most definitely, because I’m still a fan (yes, that’s right!). But right now, what I need from Nicki is for her to go hard on wax, but I’m unsure of what side of the Nickster we’re going to get on this new album. Nicki has had an amazing year n 2014, and I’m sincerely hoping The PinkPrint has more up its sleeve. I just don’t care for these huge promo methods, if the content behind it all is minuscule.