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This is terrible. So, when I heard Justin Bieber had a song out called “Twerk” with fellow snowflake Miley Cyrus, I rolled my eyes and just said no. I didn’t wanna open that can of worms. Then I heard he was calling himself “Bugatti Bieber” (I don’t know how true that is) and singing…SINGING 2pac lyrics. Now, I find he has a song with Migos…anyone see a pattern here? I’ll just say I don’t like Justin Bieber trying to force hip-hop to adopt him (although it kinda already has). With his whole fake-rebel attitude and a discography that just gets funnier as time goes by, I hope he takes a very long break from music and very soon. In fact this is a photo of my actual face while playing this song.


I want better for the guy. I wish he had more people in his circle to tell him he’s making terrible decisions, and not just in his music. It’s hard to grasp that his career is still in its growth stage,  and despite how much his name is in the tabloids for bad press, that’s a horrible thing to have your fame turn sour so quickly. There’s still hope for him. I’ve never cared for Justin Bieber aside from his actually pretty smooth slow jam “All That Matters”  here. We all know Migos isn’t exactly the Tribe of our time, but the song knocks when Justin stops talk-singing. Doesn’t he sound like he’s been sippin’ that purple stuff? Gucci would not approve… 

Just say this is better. This is better, isn’t it.