Return of the Cool (1)

Buzzing Walterboro, SC rapper Nick Grant unveils his full-length debut project, Return of The Cool [Epic Records], at all digital retailers on Today, January 13, 2017. Return of The Cool boasts 12 new tracks, including the latest single “Luxury Vintage Rap,” “Get Up” [feat. WatchTheDuck], “The Sing Along” [feat. Rico Barrino], and more.

To celebrate the release, Grant makes his late-night television debut on CBSThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday, January 16. Be sure to tune in for what promises to be an unforgettable performance!

Offering a glimpse at the MC’s fiery and fresh style, “Luxury Vintage Rap” highlights his wise and wicked wordplay over nineties-style production. With a bulletproof cadence, he serves up slick, sizzling, and scorching bars such as, “I’m cut from Biggie’s Gucci sweater cloth.”

Over the past few months, Grant hit the road and personally built palpable anticipation for the impending release. He turned up at various colleges to sign autographs and promote the album. Visiting numerous cities across the country, he hosted intimate “Access Granted” Silent Listening Party events. During these gatherings, fans got to experience an exclusive playback of Return of The Cool on Culture Republic/Urban Fetes headphones. Grant would also divulge stories and anecdotes about the record, giving listeners a firsthand perspective on his vision.

Check out our favorite Nick Grant project, A Seat At The Table + One, along with the official Return of the Cool album stream on Apple Music.

1. “Sometimes” [feat. Dominic Gordon]
2. “Drug Lord Couture”
3. “Bouncin”
4. “All of You” [feat. B. Hess]
5. “The Sing Along” [feat. Ricco Barrino]
6. “Gotta Be” [feat. BJ The Chicago Kid]
7. “PPIP” [feat. Miloh Smith]
8. “Get Up” [feat. WatchTheDuck]
9. “Get Down”
10. “Return of the Cool” [feat. B. Hess]
11. “Luxury Vintage Rap”