Tyler, the Creator spoke during an appearance at a Code/Media conference in Las Vegas, where he revealed that he is launching his own online television network. Tyler was joined by Lloyd Braun of Whalerock Industries, whom he refers to as “some old white guy”. Whalerock will be the media company that will power Tyler‘s still untitled network. With his own highly acclaimed show on Cartoon Network, Tyler says it was time to take matters (and media) into his own hands.

Tyler explained his strategy for his new platform, which he calls a mixture of MTV and Cartoon Network.

“Technically, I’m creating my own network. I’m creating my own MTV, my own Cartoon Network on this thing. It’s just basically my brain in one place…My generation is the internet. That’s all we know. This thing controls our life. So, when you guys sit and try and figure out, and got these graphs and try to study stuff. You guys are studying us, so you can keep a job. You know what I’m saying? And it’s the truth. Let’s just cut the middleman out, which would be the cable company. And just get straight to the point.”

Tyler‘s idea is extremely innovative in that it will speak to independent music, art, and TV all on an exclusively digital platform, which is where similar alternative networks, like Diddy‘s REVOLT fall flat. Anyone will tell you that the brash leader of the Odd Future crew is the last person who needs a marketing strategist on his team, and as a child of the internet, Tyler says that it will be easy to launch his network without any marketing system in place.

“The way that I got famous was me going on Tumblr and creating my own website. And just putting things out like that with a strategic—It had a strategy to it. But putting out music for free. And that’s how it got known. And the next thing I know Sony’s like ‘Hey, we’ll give you a bunch of money to do x and o.”

Check out Tyler’s panel discussion at Code/Media below.