T.I.‘s stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins was arrested this week for gun possession…in an airport, of all places.

20-year-old Zonnique Pullins was arrested in Atlanta, GA at Hartsfield International Airport on Thursday (6/16) for trying to pass a loaded gun through airport security. Pullins was then taken to Clayton County Jail at about 10p.m., where she was released a few hours later early Friday morning, with pending court date.

Georgia is not a traditional open carry state. However, open carry IS legal with a Georgia permit.

via CBS:

Police said Zonnique Pullins, the daughter of rapper T.I. and a former member of OMG Girlz, attempted to go through security lane 10 at the airport when an x-ray machine picked up on something in her purse. That item was later confirmed to be a 380 Ruger pistol complete with a clip and five rounds.

Pullins said she had a weapons permit but, when police could not locate it, she was placed under arrest.

Some people never learn. As if her father’s numerous mistakes with guns and weapons offenses, you’d think Zonnique would know better. Not to mention, it’s just common sense that these days you can’t just carry a weapon into an airport, and think it’s going to be nothing but smooth flying.

Was she doing this for someone? A boy, perhaps? So many questions…

At any rate, this incident comes just a few weeks after Troy Ave‘s shooting incident at a T.I. concert last month. Looks like the 20 year- family needs to have (another) serious talk with the kids…

UPDATE: Pullins‘ cousin Tamara Whitaker spoke out on Instagram following Zonnique‘s release.

“Zonnique did get caught with her registered weapon but like most of us she just forgot it was in her really big purse. We were taught in my family that people are crazy out here and carrying a small gun to protect yourself is what’s needed,” Whitaker captioned Pullins’ mugshot.