He’s just released the music video for his “My Way” single, and now Fetty Wap has unofficially released his debut album just one day before its scheduled drop tomorrow (9/25). T he album has no major features, so Fetty has decided to call on two guest appearances for assistance, that being his fellow Remy Boyz members, Monty & M80.

This year has been incredible for the Paterson, NJ rapper! From dominating airwaves worldwide (word to Funk Flex), to inspiring kids, to breaking records and even buying his mother a new home, we’re so here for the momentum Fetty Wap has built up for himself.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Fetty opened up about the difference from his days struggling in New Jersey to his “new trap;” the stage.

“People envision the trap as somewhere to chill. Some people have a vision that you have to be in the trap if you want to be a rapper,” he says. “But my trap now is me performing in front of thousands of people. That’s my new trap. My old trap was standing on the block and it wasn’t a place where you wanted to be. It’s real life for people who don’t have other choices because of the decisions that they made for themselves. It’s not an excuse, but for some people, that’s all they know.”

The 20-track album contains the slew of hits that Fetty has released this year, thrusting him into a record-breaking feat top 10 on the Billboard Rap charts.

Stream the album via NPR below.