For a few weeks, rumors have circulated that actor Vin Diesel would finaly sit in the director’s chair for the super-successful Fast & Furious franchise. Well, not only have those rumors (which he may have incited via his own Facebook page) turned out to be false, but we finally know who’s been selected to direct the next blockbuster hit for the series: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ director, F. Gary Gray!

The film, Furious 8, is already in the stages of pre-production, as Universal has confirmed their official negotiations with the highest-selling Black film director yesterday (10/6). The film is set to begin actual production in April 2016.


However, a new rumor, provided by SlashFilm, has it that Gray is also in the running to direct Marvel‘s upcoming Black Panther film! This would be incredibly historic for all parties involved, as this would be Marvel‘s first solo superhero film that also features a non-white lead.

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