Nobody’s Smiling, is Common’s 10th album which was just released and has great reviews. So, why did he decide to part ways with G.O.O.D. Music?

Kanye West was very absent which was noticeable and caused many to assume that Yeezy and Common had parted ways. So, to kill all the chit chat, Common confirmed on MTV’s Rap Fix that he’s no longer down with G.O.O.D Music. It didn’t end on bad terms because he let it be known that they are still “family”. He even shouted out Kanye on the album, and he explained that he understood that Ye just got married and was adjusting to being a father at the time, he just couldn’t make Common’s album a priority. The best move was to go forward.

Longtime friend No. I.D., was the executive producer on Nobody’s Smiling and put the project under his imprint, Artium/Def Jam.

How do you feel about Common leaving G.O.O.D. Music? Check out “GO” below, which was produced by Yeezy.