At this month’s Made In America Festival, we got a chance to rap with a few of the upcoming artists of TIDAL! It’s just past the first few days of school for a lot of young people, and who better to talk about “School Daze” than the newest innovators of music!

Speaking to Miami, FL’s Bizzy Crook (BC), Lili K. of The Lili K. Band from Chicago, IL (LK), and Nashville‘s own Mike Floss (MF), we picked up on some very fresh (and a few off-beat) first day of school trends, as well as some much-needed advice on how to rock “B2S” with confidence.


DTS: What was your best (or worst) first day of school outfit?

MF: I had these Girbaud jeans that I tapered at the ankles.

LK: I went through a punk phase, and this was when Hot Topic was cool (laughs); I had these knee-high Chucks, and I wore long-sleeved shirts and short-sleeved shirts together!

DTS: What would you say to your high-school crush if they could see you now?

BC: Well, I actually dated my crush in high school, so I won’t say anything bad about her. I hope she’s doing well.

LK: My crush is actually still trying to text me! There was a little age difference in high school — he was a senior when I was a freshman — and he never gave me the time of day back then. Now he’s always texting me saying how much he misses me.

DTS: What does your graduating class think of your success as a TIDAL artist?

MF: You know, it’s sad because I don’t really see them anymore. [Where I come from] it’s hard to imagine anybody following their dreams and making it out.

LK: My best friend actually still supports me in everything I do. She came to my performance today, and we’ve been friends since we were little.

DTS: When did you graduate high school? What advice do you have for young musicians like yourself?

MF: 2008. Follow your dreams above anything else.

LK: 2009. You have to keep going. That’s the biggest thing.

BC: 2010. Just keep going. I hate sounding cliche’, but it’s the only way out.
*Bizzy Crook has been noted in the past as having dealt with depression, to which he offers this piece of advice: “Every day you have to try. You have to put in the effort. Nothing can change unless you make that first step.”

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