Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has made plenty of enemies on the campaign trail – including YG and Nipsey Hussle. The rappers tap into the passion of Trump‘s detractors with their funky new track, “FDT” (or “Fuck Donald Trump”), posted Wednesday on Soundcloud, Spin reports.

Nipsey Hussle & YG photo by: DJ Damage


What was your first reaction to the news that Donald Trump was running for president?

Nipsey Hussle: I always heard over the last couple of years that he’s been foreshadowing that he’s going to run. Like I said in the song, I thought it was a joke. I always knew he was a big celebrity but I didn’t know it was possible for him to become the president. When you think about the 2016 election, all you really hear is Trump. You know Hillary [Clinton], you know Bernie Sanders, but it seems like [Trump’s] name and voice is louder than the rest of them so it was like are we actually taking this serious? Are people really taking this dude as a legitimate presidential candidate?

YG: At first, I really didn’t believe that it was going to get this far so I wasn’t paying attention. Then all the crazy shit [happened] to black kids at the rallies and getting hit by the police.

What made you both decide to take your frustrations with Trump to the studio?

YG: Oh man, a million things. It got to a point where [Trump] was disrespectin’, saying shit that makes no sense. Me and Nip always talk about doing real shit about these politics, stepping up and saying stuff other motherf—ers are not doing so we finally hit the studio and really did it.

Nipsey: It was honestly a combo of me and YG. We were just talking about using our voices and YG had a concept for a song called “F— Donald Trump.” ‘Let’s do a F— Donald Trump record,’ he said. Immediately, I said, ‘Let’s do it.’ He had a beat and just started mumbling the hook. We was in the studio listening to it and we was like, ‘Go lay that right there.’ We heard it back through the speakers and we already knew this was powerful. I went in and immediately laid my verse. He went back and laid his, and the record was done in less than an hour.

Was there a specific Trump moment that really pissed you off?

Nipsey: Overall just hearing his stance on Hispanic people, especially being from L.A. Him being so vocal and one-sided on how he feels about Mexican people as far as categorizing [them] as illegal immigrants and that they make no positive contributions to the country. Number one, I’m from L.A. so I grew up with Mexican people and number two, I see Mexican people at all my concerts that really support. I felt like they needed somebody to ride for ‘em.

Honestly, that was one of the things that really turned me off to Trump aside from me having an assertion that he was just a privileged rich dude that got an out-of-touch view of the world. That made me [feel] like dude is definitely out of his mind and our country sounding crazy for even taking him as a legitimate candidate. It says something about the American people if he do actually get elected.

There’s a line from YG that says if Trump has a rally in L.A. you going to f— it up. Was there anything you were hesitant about putting on the song?

YG: No, not at all.

Nipsey: Likewise. To me, we kinda went light. We didn’t make it too threatening. We held it back and told the people how we was feeling.