Seems like everyone wants to take shots at Drake this week! Up next is Tyga, who hasn’t quite forgotten about his little disagreement with the Toronto rapper. Tyga directs his own video, where we find him strutting around the club, and around his mansion…with who else but Drake‘s ex-girlfriend, model Dollicia Bryan!

When he’s not mobbing on rooftops with his homies in L.A. (seriously, how many times did they have to shoot that scene?) T-Raww makes boss moves at a roundtable with some less than reputable characters. Many speculate that this song is in reference to Drizzy allegedly stealing Tyga‘s ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, with the standout line being quoted as “N*gga never was my homie, all these b*tches know you corny.”

It’s a shame that two friends who once made great music together probably won’t be spending any studio time together in the near future. Still, the SAP-produced beat makes the song one of the hardest singles to drop at the end of 2014, so we can’t say this one won’t make the radio waves, or at least get back to Drake with the quickness…