Today, we’ve got Slim‘s new single, “Candy Red,” which finds the Bompton rapper going across the country to link up with two southern OGs, Webbie and Peryon J Kee.

The smoky, low-riding production, comes from DJ Bay Bay. The cheeky flute work is plain irresistible. Each emcee sports his own unique flow, but they each bring an authentic, localized feel, and among the three of them, there’s a lot of wisdom going back and forth. What unites Slim, Webbie, and PJK is their appreciation for the finer things, which oftentimes come drippin’ in “candy red.”

If you like the track, you’ll be glad to know Slim 400 has a mixtape with Peryon J Kee on the way. He’s also prepping a solo tape, #AllBlassikShiTT, which YG will be overseeing.