We never know when Queen Roe, formerly known as LoLa Monroe, is going to surprise us with some new heat and that’s just fine with us because we love being taken by surprise if it’s got anything to do with her!

In her new single “Grime,” Queen Roe goes bar for bar straight from the gate (as per her usual) and gives us insane wordplay and we’re just in awe. Ever since we first got to know Queen Roe on Boss Bitch’s World volumes 1 & 2, she has remained one of the most consistent rappers of our time with her elusive flow and a cadence that will make you run her songs back about 5-7 times like we just did.

There’s no need for a hook on this track, as LoLa makes her return back to the booth since the last time we heard from her on “No Talking.” Take a look at our favorite lines below, and make sure you hit play!

“Lessons on lessons, feds vocal coaching while informants sing.”
“3rd world country born, murder capital raised. So pardon if you start to see my cannibal ways.”

Can we get a new mixtape, please?!?!