Metanoiz is the biggest thing to come from Mount Pocono, PA since…well, the Pocono Mountains!

Metanoiz is the Latin, twin-brother, conscious-rap/hip-hop duo that’s been taking over the east coast and the internet since the Winter of last year. Today, we have two video releases to bring to you from the brothers, known as Kaydom and Kaydas. Making waves as only they know how, the music video for “Your Creation” was also the 1st-prize winner of Snoop Dogg‘s music video competition on Indi! The two have also released a full-length mixtape, NISSI, hosted by Don Cannon.

We wish there was a stronger word, but…we’re loving Metanoiz! These brothers are ORIGINAL in every sense of the word. Positive & conscious rap doesn’t have to be whack, and these brothers take the cake! The simplistic video style of “Treble Trouble” calls more attention to their words than any overused nightclub scenes, or anything that you can think of right off the top of your head. “Your Creation” takes on fun visuals, that catch the eye and bounce around your screen as you try to make your ears keep up with the tricky, fast-paced lyrics and bars they’ll slip into your subconscious if you’re not careful.

Watch the official music videos for “Treble Trouble” and “Your Creation” below.


Metanoiz – Treble Trouble

Metanoiz – Your Creation