Mayhem Da Great is the fastest-rising star out of West Philadelphia. The creator of Neptune G.A.N.G., and the O.T.U. clothing brand, Mayhem Da Great has his hand in just about everything from fashion merchandising to music. The 24-year-old West Philly rapper has already gotten nods from notable industry favorites like YG, A$AP Ferg, and L.A.‘s Joey Fatts, who called Mayhem “a star” after watching his opening set at his own concert. Fans will recall seeing MDG around his city performing at the Theater of the Living Arts (TLA), as well as the Electric Factory.

His latest release is the official music video for “Agua,” with a full-length project (still untitled) in the works. The single is produced by Philadelphia‘s Nizzy Beatz, and shot by Don Way, who has worked with Young Savage among other city notables. Shot against the beautiful and sometimes gritty backgrounds of Philadelphia, Mayhem Da Great exclusively explained to us his O.T.U. clothing brand, the purpose of Neptune G.A.N.G., and just what “Agua” means in his own language.

“‘Agua,’ to me, is something that every dope boy wants. ‘Agua’ on the chain’ is like something shiny, but it could be anybody’s dream. It could be that nice watch. It could be a better life; it could be just having nice dinners. Where I come from, we don’t have real heroes. ‘Agua’ is whatever you want to accomplish. The plot twist in the video is that everything you want isn’t always what it seems, of course.

With O.T.U., that’s my clothing line that stands for “Off Top,” meaning how I just come up with ideas out of nowhere. The “U” is for “University.” People have always called me a “professor,” and have said that I’m very knowledgeable. Neptune G.A.N.G. is my street team. It’s everybody that supports me, and it’s not composed of all musicians. There’s boxers, writers, artists — all people in my neighborhood. That’s how I first noticed my buzz, is that people in my neighborhood were fucking with me. People would say how the recognized me from either performances, or from me rapping in the streets. It’s all about my gratitude to my fans and to my community. “Neptune” because it’s like we’re on a whole other planet. The rest stands for Gratitude Achieves New Greatness.


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