“Slow Ridin'” is a track from Future R&B artist Maryann‘s freshly released Ep “This Is What The Moon Sounds Like”.  The song is quite the contrast from her soothing track “Landing”, and the Reggae influenced “The Long Way”.  This song shows a playful and more open side of Maryann‘s music.  It’s one of those songs you should have in your trunk for a Saturday night “slow ride” down the strip.  The song is filled with bass and teeters back and forth between her rapping and singing.  It’s something you could easily slide into your PartyNextDoor playlist.  The real surprise comes when the song breaks down from a Trill style Trap beat into a West coast Gangster beat, seeing Maryann ditch the Auto Tune and give you something raw.  The songstress doesn’t need to prove her singing ability anymore, and she’s letting it be know she can rap too.  There’s not too many R&B chicks in the game that can shout out OG Maco and Mac Dre in the same breath, and make it believable.