“If you still alive, that’s a sign!”

We’re excited to present this release from one of our long-time supporters, Mark J. Morgan! Mark is an R&B singer/songwriter, who comes from a Gospel background, and he’s shared his latest release “Hold You Down” with us!

The single speaks to today’s generation of young people in the sense that we’ve all become lost along the way, almost beating each other over the head to get to a victory. The song also speaks to black youth specifically, and according to Mark, we’d all be a lot stronger if we stick together.

Check out what Mark had to say about the inspiration for this single below.

“Proverbs 27:17 – Brotherhood & the circumstances that life can sometimes bring causing each of our support systems to separate. The odds are against us, so no matter what life may bring, ‘Hold me up, I’ll hold you down.'”