Mark J. Morgan is back to DTS with a new music video for his single “For The Culture.” Mark turned the popular phrase into a more meaningful ode to his people in his continuous effort to inject sentiment back into music. The video was shot and directed by Bob Sweeney, with production handled by Youtube producer Lebanon Don, and engineered by Delanor Page.

Watch the video for yourself, and check out an exclusive interview we did with Mark J. Morgan below!


DTS MEDIA: What did you want people to feel after watching “For The Culture?” Who is the audience you’re speaking to?
Mark J. Morgan (MJM): After watching “For The Culture,” I wanted people to be aware that me representing Black Lives Matter never meant that other lives didn’t matter. I’m proud to be me & I encourage others to be happy with who they are but at the same time I’m empowering my own people in troublesome times that seem to never have ended.

DTS MEDIA: You included a message of Black togetherness in your last release with us. Do you feel that mainstream music today is lacking truth in its lyrics? Why/Why not?
MJM: Yes for the release “Hold You Down.” I do feel that mainstream media lacks true passion & substance in it’s lyrics because there willing to compromise for corporate validation. I’m totally aware that others are effected by my brand and what I put out to the masses. With that, I’d be stupid to think that it doesn’t effect the listeners mentality or point of view. We got the power through our story to help or harm. Right now, there’s more harm being done.

DTS MEDIA: How do you feel about the state of R&B music currently? (“Blue-eyed soul” selling more than R&B/Soul music from Black artists, R&B using harsh lyrics: “These h**s ain’t loyal,” etc.)
MJM: The state of R&B is much different than before. It’s become just a title that’s been watered down to mean nothing but a genre for categorizing a particular sound. I feel that for the black R&B artist we in some ways have forgotten how R&B with a message once made us feel; & yes “these **** ain’t loyal” lyrics may come off harsh but a lot of listeners are conditioned to accept that message & alternatives like myself and others will be overlooked … at first.

DTS MEDIA: What can you tell us about your upcoming project Parables?
MJM: “Parables,” meaning a story with some moral relevance or resolution. Jesus spoke using parables when it came to certain audiences and I use parables for mine inspired by Him. Parables Part 1 was released July 11th and has surprised me with how people actually enjoy the body of work but there is a Parables Part 2 already in the works. More videos definitely, as well as more out of the box messages and ways to put them out there for Part 2.

DTS MEDIA: Since we’ve known you through high school, when did you start singing? What made you take music and songwriting seriously?
MJM: Yeah we go back yo! (laughs) but I would say about the age of around 18 or 19 I started to really envision myself using my song writing ability to like alter the nature of the music industry in a good way. It was also like building up as I continually shunned having that gift because I didn’t have my own identity as an artist and made the assumption that I was a little too different than many other south jersey artist at that age. But now nothing is stopping me, I won’t let it.

DTS MEDIA: Describe your songwriting process, if you can. What triggers your lyrics? How is it writing for others vs. writing for yourself?
MJM: My writing process is so complex but to help sum it up. There’s some days i’ll produce or co-produce with my boy D-Pages then meditate on the beat and like let it talk. Other days I will listen to other producers catalogs and see how the vibes are & what I can do with what. I rarely have writers block, i’m always capable of writing something or making a melody for a beat or occasionally recording myself singing something. I have a vault of complete/incomplete songs. I was always interested in writing for others though. I’m confident in my writing and delivery but open to learn and better my craft always.