We’ve always said that Mack Wilds makes that classic, summertime hip-hop, and this video exemplifies just that. Taking on one of the biggest movies of the 90s in this Spike Lee-inspired music video, we get to see Mack Wilds bring back that nostalgic era of good times accompanied by some good rhymes. The visuals are directed by Benny Boom, and take after the iconic Do The Right Thing film, and has all of your favorite characters & story tropes.

Mack Wilds is smartly decked out in “Mookie”‘s Brooklyn Dodgers jersey; “Tina” shows off her updated dance moves akin to Rosie Perez‘s opening credits scene; and the only white guy in Brooklyn scuffs up Mack‘s brand new Air Jordans! Amid the pop-locking and milly-rocking house party scene, there’s also a nod to Radio Raheem. The only thing this video is missing is a cameo from the “rappin’ and rhymin'” coolest radio DJ in the world, Samuel L. Jackson. We love that everything about this project was totally conceived with the 90s era in mind, right down to the production credits which, among others, includes the legendary Teddy Riley.

Watch the official video for “Love in the 90z” below!


Special thanks to Epic Records