Queen Roe is back!!!!! As she works on her brand new full project, Queen Roe, formerly known to the masses as LoLa Monroe, releases her Truffle Butter Remix for the #BossetMafia!

I have to say, LoLa really surprised me on this remix! Although we know she can pull her girly, flirtatious side out at any given time, she reminded us why we FIRST fell in love with her, and that’s for her hard-hitting bars! There’s no voice fluctuations or crazy sped-up flows here, but what she does give us is the impressive word play and tough street delivery that made her stand out on past remixes like “Stay Schemin'” and “Under Ground Kings.” All we have to say about this remix is “Go, Queen Roe!!!”

Her full project “All Hail The Queen” releases soon.