The “Shmop party” is on and poppin’ for Kool John‘s new music video for his “Wobble” single featuring fellow HBK members Skipper and IAMSU!

Kool John‘s date for the party calls a friend to meet her at the function, just as KJ himself is pulling up. This girl has no worries giving Kool John and the entire neighborhood a nice show in the front seat of the drop-top. If that scene wasn’t a good foreshadowing of just what you can expect to see at a “Shmop Party” then I don’t know what is.

IAMSU! produced the beat, so it serves him right to not be on camera for his verse, rather letting the visuals do the talking, because well…it’s not like anyone’s sitting down. Ms. Chrisssy directs the wild house party twerkfest that’s going to be a hit at kickbacks, strip clubs, and even my skating rink very soon!

This ain’t your auntie’s wobble.


I love how Su did his homework on this beat and for his Big Tymers-style verse. I would kill for a remix of this song with Lil Wayne!