The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Now that her legal troubles are over, and she’s out of that awful contract, R&B singer JoJo is back in the booth! In case you need a refresher, JoJo is the powerhouse diva who blew fans away in 2004 with her breakout single “Leave (Get Out).” JoJo recently released a set of three singles, dubbing her collection a “tringle.” Today, we have her first new music video in over 10 years! We’re definitely loving the more mature look (and sound).

The new video is artistic, flowy, and gives us a real look at the art of “tutting,” a style of dancing mostly involving the hands, to create complex images reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian art style. Following this release, JoJo is expected to release her Atlantic Records debut later this year, or in early 2016.

Watch “When Love Hurts” below, and listen to the rest of the tringle here.