The “Classic Man” of 2015 is ready to give us his debut LP next year, and in preparation, he drops three new tracks at the end of the year! Listen below to the club-ready “Extraordinaire,” “Long Live The Chief,” and “Knickers” below. Jidenna continues to serve his Nigerian-American flair by giving us hot afro-beats mixed with today’s current trap/hip-hop sound for a truly unique experience.

As if he wasn’t cheeky enough, finally, the guys have something to celebrate with the track “Knickers.” “I’m a slim guy. Slim guys, we don’t really like shorts too much,” he told Rap-Up TV. “So knickers fits us right. It makes our hamstring look a little bit bigger.” Well, well, well… there’s definitely something big in the packages below, so listen for yourself!


Jidenna – Extraordinaire

Jidenna – Knickers

Jidenna – Long Live The Chief