We’re super excited to present this latest music video from Jidenna and Wondaland/Epic Records! In his new video for “Knickers,” which we brought you a few weeks ago, Jidenna is the leader of 1930s style swing band, and the party is definitely jumpin’!

After getting rejected from a club that won’t allow “Knickers,” a group of young men head to their own big-band nightclub, where they can live up the night surrounded by people who are just like them. The conceptual visuals, directed by Benny Boom, accompany and solidify Jidenna‘s uncanny songwriting ability to sneak subliminal political messages into his work, masked by a dance-worthy beat and fast lyrics.

With “Knickers,” the song is a direct play on the N-word, but it also speaks to racism and cultural appropriation of the black community. The chorus “Put my Knickers on,” is Jidenna’s way of saying if he won’t be accepted by the masses, then he has no choice to shine the light on his own people in his own way. Amazing. We’re definitely here for the message in this video.

Check out a snippet of the lyrics, and watch the official video below!

“Wanna cuff, wanna hem my knickers,
In the schools, they be tryna suspend my knickers,
Their whole style, it depends on knickers
Y’all wanna talk, wanna dance like n****s.”