DMV-based emcee Jay IDK was born in the UK before moving to the U.S. His late October visit to London marked his first trip back, and during his time there he reconnected with the culture and environment that his family remains rooted to. From his recently released album, The Empty Bank, the video for “Mentality” captures the remarkable exchange between American hip-hop culture and grime that has been growing in recent years by pairing a trap-indebted sound with the scenes of inner-city London. Directed by Jay IDK and filmed guerilla-style by Eats Media, capturing the natural background in the city’s Hackney and Edmonton neighborhoods, as well as around Big Ben in Central London, “Mentality” includes a cameo from Scorcher of the popular Netflix series Top Boys. Watch the video here.

“I was born in Clapham and I stayed there until I was 2 years old,” Jay IDK explains to CLASH in their premiere of the “Mentality” music video. “The reason why we left is still unknown, my mother passed recently and I never really got clarification. The memories of growing up there are very faint. My mother’s sister still lives there. And my biological father as well. Returning was crazy for me, seeing how poverty was so diverse is what stood out the most. Both black people and white people lived in the projects together. In America, you never really see that; it’s very rare for us.”