Soulful pop artist Francesca Milazzo premieres her debut single “Ghosting Me” today!

Inspired by what might rank as “the most awkward date ever,” “Ghosting Me” laments on the feelings of becoming forgotten with honesty and vocal prowess.

When discussing “Ghosting Me” Francesca recounts, “I wrote it after I went out with this guy. We just never really spoke to each other afterwards. It’s like we became ghosts to each other. I wanted to put that experience of being ghosted into a song.”

Francesca has honed in on a sultry soul style and her upcoming works shadow “Ghosting Me” with their narrative based song writing that tell stories that are relatable to people of all walks of life.

Unafraid to tackle taboo subjects head-on and remaining raw and real, Francesca Milazzo is the risk taker and rebel modern pop music needs. With sultry soulful pipes equally resonant over pop, R&B, blues, and rock, the Italian-American singer and songwriter channels influences as diverse as Etta James, Nina Simone, Alabama Shakes, and Kings Of Leon with her own soaring spirit. Encouraged by her loved ones, she dove headfirst into music, leaving college and a potential enrollment in the military. Through tirelessly gigging around New York and songwriting on piano and guitar, Francesca has created a unique smoky delivery and raw attitude in her songs.