We’ve been waiting since the summertime to see this crazy video, and it’s finally goin’ down…for real! Flo’Rida has just released the official music video to his “GDFR” single featuring Sage The Gemini and Lookas. The first time we heard this single was back in May of this year, after it was featured in the official trailer for “Neighbors” starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.

In the video, which sees direction from R. Malcolm Jones, we find Coach Flo of The Strong Arms giving a rousing pep talk to his mixed team of basketball players before a huge game against Sage The Gemini and his team. There’s plenty of great basketball plays throughout the video, and the high energy dance scenes are contagious. It’s impossible not to dance when those horns come in at the chorus! Coach Sage makes for great eye candy as he takes his crimson-clad team, The Mad Dogs, pretty close to a victory. Ultimately Flo’Rida‘s team win it all, but the party seems to keep going even after the cameras fade.

Check out the official video for “GDFR” below.