This has been my favorite project from Elijah Blake’s “Drift” EP. Everything about Elijah is out-of-the-box and away from the mundane when it comes to true R&B music. I had a chance to interview Elijah this month about his process putting together the EP, and he told me his inspirations behind the track “Strange Fruit”.


HQ: So where did the inspiration for the song come from? You used the title of the “Strange Fruit” poem, but then you used the Outkast sample, so where did the whole inspiration come from?
EB: I was in a situation where I was talking to this chick, and she would say everything but the fact that she had a man. Even though I knew that, we were doing it under the guise of ‘oh, we’re just under the influence, [and]let’s just get high’, you know, and let it lead to other things. I was thinking ‘how often does this happen?’ whether your choice of substance is weed or alcohol or all that, we use those to cheat in some ways, and I feel like we do that with God. If you look at the story of Adam & Eve, God was like ‘You can have anything in the world, no suffering, just don’t bite the apple’, but that small little apple was enough to make you risk it all. It’s like we’re still kind of living in that world.

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