Drama Sinatra is back to The Streets with a totally new sound, and it’s truly like nothing we’ve ever heard before. If you recall, we’ve been hip to Camden, NJ‘s Drama Sinatra since about 2014, and it looks like he’s back again to make our speakers bang!

Still with his day one production crew, Trac-Qaeda Music Group, this track was produced by house member Matty Moonshine. We’ve always appreciated Drama‘s ability to just bring straight lyricism to his music, even on the more “party”-style bangers, and he definitely doesn’t stray here. Being that we know Drama to be a more…”traditional” spitter, I remember asking him if he’d ever consider doing more trap-influenced cuts, to which he replied “Definitely.” That was also about 2 years ago, and it’s great to see somebody take time to invest intheir craft and take listeners totally by surprise with their next move. Very well done, all involved.