3 Kings cover

Fresh off his highly successful independent debut album “Psalms 151”, Drama has returned with the mind state of royalty. With the release of his lead single entitled “3 Kings” ft. DJ SoulBuck prod. by Trac-Qaeda, Drama is ready to embark on yet another journey to reign supreme in hip hop. “3 Kings” EP, entirely produced by Trac-Qaeda will be released on January 6th, 2015

I’m certainly looking forward to the new project!!! Drama & Trac-Qaeda together bring back a sound from a time where hip hop music was made for the culture, and not for the exposure. Drama brings to mind the golden days of lyricists like Nas and Big L on this track. The beat (and DJ Soulbuck scratchin’ like he got fleas) oozes everything you’ve been missing from today’s mainstream rap music. To me, it sounds like something that can be used as the score to an anime film, or in another Afro Samurai flick. I played this song while watching martial arts videos on Youtube, and this beat just goes so hard!!!!   S/o to Drama & the Trac-Qaeda duo for this one, because it literally could not be done without the 3 of them.

Drama shouts out DJ Harley Quinn of DTS Media in his brand new in-studio interview! Thanks, Drama!