Our favorite east coast producer Dilemma is back with the official music video for his latest single, “I Ain’t Sh*t,” featuring Modesty Lycan and Shawn Smith! We gushed over the meaning of the song a few months back, but we think Dilemma‘s own words say it better than we could’ve:

“What I love most about this record outside of the way it was created is that it’s relatable. It’s something that we think, but would never normally say. With such a strong female perspective, I thought a male viewpoint would give a nice balance to both sides of the topic. Shawn Smith is such an amazing lyricist I knew he could bring the right dynamic to the record. I’m very excited that the song is being well received. It’s funny to see how many people are really being honest with themselves. Cause you know sometimes, no matter how hard we try to be good, we have our moments where we ain’t shit.”


released by @questoneent & @priorityrecords
director @maximilianimages