Sorry, not sorry!

Dilemma gets back on the boards for an exclusive banger featuring Modesty Lycan and Shawn Smith (fka Young Savage). We love the new approach that the single takes, because this time, it’s the woman who’s doing the dirty work!

Historically in R&B, we’ve become so used to the trope of a man who just can’t keep it at home. Shawn Smith chimes in as the lovelorn poet who just can’t figure out why his efforts aren’t being reciprocated. We hope you didn’t come here looking for love or an apology because if vocalist Modesty Lycan has anything to say about it, she’s just doing her.


*An earlier version of this article used Shawn Smith’s former moniker, Young Savage. Shawn Smith no longer performs under this name, and the editor apologizes for the mistake.