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AEli (Pronounced AY-E-LIE) is a talented young producer, singer/songwriter and rapper hailing from Los Angeles, California. Entirely a self-made artist, AEli began writing and producing his own music from the confines of his home set-up, developing a homegrown signature ”pulphead” sound like no other. With his musicality and storytelling ability, AEli creates an emotional connection through his music, taking inspiration from his own life experiences.

In 2012 AEli released his 1st project entitled Reminiscing With Wine, receiving over 17,000 views and 1,619 downloads on Since then AEli has been working on a very personal and self-inspired concept album called The Void, which is due to be released December 1st 2014. With his cool, calm vibes and vivid imagination, AEli will continue to push the boundaries of music.

The Void is a very personal and self-inspired concept album, set for release December the 1st 2014. The Void came from a place of introspection; it’s brutally honest, with numerous ways to interpret the message. In his own words it’s “The story of my life in perspective of the path I didn’t take when I reached the cross road.” There were many reasons AEli chose the path he did, main one being he realized he would end up dead so he made the decision to follow his passion and pursue music. The Void is his alternate reality that’s explored in the four “episodes” where no song stands alone, as they are all part of one consecutive story.