Yesterdays (Prod. by Royal)

It seems as if Baltimore has waited decades for a true break-out star to emerge from its seemingly ever evolving Hip-Hop scene.  In the past, there have been glimmers of hope and recently King Los and Logic have made tremendous headway in putting a national spotlight on “CharmCity” past the city confines.

Yet, over the last 12-18 months, there has been an interesting progression taking place; an actual organic scene is emerging and there are a handful of artists with distinctive voices, dynamic live performances and visually creative videos that are beginning to shape what may in fact be the closest thing Baltimore has had to a burgeoning rap scene. 

One of the city’s most creative newcomers, Black Zheep DZ, (who recently opened up for Schoolboy Q) has been carving out his own unique niche both as a member of a crew entitled 7th Floor Villains (which Noisey referred to as “Bmore’s menacing, young rap group that matters and Zheep is perhaps, the most lyrically skilled and eccentric”) and as a solo artist with a handful of projects under his belt.  


Black Zheep’s latest MishkaNYC sponsored mixtape, Refugee, was released in January and featured the stand-out track, “Yesterdays,” which is nearing 150K Soundcloud plays and today, premiered the video for “Yesterdays” which revolves around Zheep exorcising demons from his past and focusing on the future him, as Zheep states:

“the video is an exercise on shedding my past self. At one point in my life, I was doing a bunch of mischievous things that weren’t good for me; such as drugs, which led me to be around people and females who did not have my best interests at heart. We (me and the directors) tried to keep the concept of the video somewhat blurry as we didn’t want to give anything away until the video climaxes.”


Black Zheep DZ is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming project, which is scheduled for release this summer. If the rest of the tape is this hard, then I can’t wait to hear it. (One time for that Baltimore accent, too.)