Queens, NY rapper ANIK KHAN has today premiered the title track off his upcoming full-length project, Kites (out 4/28).

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Anik immigrated to Queens, NY when he was just 3 years old. Growing up in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, he found inspiration in his father’s grit and hustle as a Bengali freedom fighter turned taxicab driver. Astoria’s rich ethnic diversity shaped his identity, allowing him to rap from a first generation perspective while speaking to a worldwide audience — a true representation of hip-hop’s universal appeal. Anik’s music is notable for the balance between his Bengali roots and Queens lifestyle. He first released his debut EP, I Don’t Know Yet, via Billboard Magazine, and since then has released several critically acclaimed singles — “Obsession,” “Too Late Now,” “Renegade,” and “Cleopatra.” His music has been championed by Ebro Darden, Zane Lowe, and Elton John on Beats 1 Radio and by BBC Asian Network and 1Xtra. As music fans begin to gather around his story and catalog as a voice for the South Asian Diaspora, Anik aims to push the culture forward with Kites.

The jazzy, guitar and sitar-infused song shows the softer side of Anik who’s known for his more pop-leaning, Bollywood trap music. Listen to Zane and Anik dissect the new track on his show, here.

Speaking to High Snobiety, Anik explains that the track was one of the last songs to be recorded on the project… “I recorded a lot of this record lying down and forgetting anyone was around. ‘Kites’ is about feeling lost but also finding yourself. It’s about holding on by a thread but also realizing the people steering the kite are the most important. Regardless, if I stay flying high up or end up falling to the ground, they’re there guiding me throughout it all.”