Nardwuar stopped by this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, and who did he run into but the Snapchat king, DJ Khaled.

During their chat, DJ Khaled, a SXSW first-timer, relished on some classic Miami hip-hop records and artists, and even opened up about his own journey in the music industry. Always a genius at marketing, DJ Khaled says he used to slip his mixtapes into customer’s sneakers as he was ringing them up at his job at a retail store, before he was ever the “major key” to the music industry that he is now. We also find out just what makes him so popular on Snapchat!

Nardwuar’s quirkiness plus DJ Khaled‘s candid comedy makes this interview absolutely hilarious and insane to watch. Nardwuar gifts Khaled with a Public Enemy album, and The Juice Crew‘s Cold Chillin’ vinyl album, along with several other vinyls. DJ Khaled advises all DJs to get in touch with mixing with real vinyl records to respect the history, and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out the interview below.